The Wales of Maui




Maui is the birthing place for humpback whales and whale watching season is from December to May.   The female humpbacks use Maui's protected and tranquil waters to train their calves.  On occasion you will see mother and calf practicing how to breach.  It is hard to explain, but just seeing these Huge creatures move through the water is an exhilarating experience.   During whale season you can often sit on our lanai and watch them play in the waters right off shore.  If you are lucky, while on the Oceanfront Walk, you may see them come so close to the shore you think you could touch them.  If sitting on shore and watching them is not enough for you, there are a number of very good whale watching cruises, as well as services that take you out in kayaks to come within feet of these wonderful creatures.

Polo Beach Club #408 Night View

Polo Beach Club #408
Wailea, Maui

Polo Beach Club #408 Maui - Living Room

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